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Tuesday, July 28th: Luke O'Sullivan

Luke O'Sullivan

Today is Tuesday, July 28th

Hello everyone! We have a lot of admiration for the great printmakers who live and work in our beloved creative capital, Providence, Rhode Island. Today we’re looking at an artist who is now based in Philadelphia, but who earned his MFA in Printmaking from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence in 2009, who uses his skill in silkscreening to create “architecturally inspired” sculptures portraying fantastic urban landscapes, labyrinths, and fantastical objects. Of screenprinting onto wood to create his sculptures, O’Sullivan writes, “I like to describe my process as creating a lego set using my own hand drawn pieces. O’Sullivan says that his work focuses on “undiscovered places beneath cities and landscapes” and draw on his early interests in “Nintendo games, maps, and science fiction movies”. His pieces do feel reminiscent of a series of video game levels, and he sees each drawing and sculpture as "contributing to an ongoing catalogue of a strange invented world.”

You can see more of Luke O’Sullivan’s work on his website,