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Tuesday, August 18th: Molly Blumberg

Molly Blumberg

Today is Tuesday, August 18th

Hello, everyone! Today we are looking at the papermaker and sculptor Molly Blumberg, and her recent installation “Domestic Taxidermies,” a series of pieces made of “discarded wooden furniture scavenged from the alleyways of Chicago, deconstructed, reconstructed, and encased in membranes of handmade paper”. Blumberg’s work is deeply concerned with materiality and how it feels to be a body in a constant state of fleshy flux. She writes that her working methods “are grounded in materials and processes that undergo quick physical and chemical state changes,” so that her sculptures “hold an urgency, an intensity of engagement around the moment of making”. In her work with Domestic Taxidermies, this movement and change manifests as a tension between the furniture piece and its paper covering; “The membrane pulls inward; the internal parts push out”. 

We hope you will view “Domestic Taxidermies” in full and more of Molly Blumberg’s work on her website: