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Thursday, August 13th: Malena Valcárcel

Malena Valcárcel

Today is Thursday, August 13th

Hello, everyone! Today we are looking at the paper sculptures and jewelry of Spanish artist Malena Valcárcel. Valcárcel creates figures, such as young girls or an octopus, appearing almost to be made of clay and merely covered with paper, and landscapes, such as a day by the sea or a treehouse, all made from upcycled books and lit from within with a faint yellow glow. Her work is evocative of fairy tale wonder, the sculptures often rising out of the book they are cut from or functioning as stand alone pieces. Her elegant bookish jewelry plays with shape and color, as well as other material elements such as adding glass bottles or metal accents to her pieces. We hope you’ll check out more of her work and will stay up to date with her new pieces on Facebook.