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Wednesday, July 23rd: Lee Me Kyeoung

Lee Me Kyeoung

Today is Thursday, July 23rd

Hey, everyone! Today we’re looking at Lee Me Kyeoung’s “A Small Store” painting series. For decades, Me Kyeoung has been capturing the store fronts of small shops across South Korea, connecting with their owners and weaving their stories into her work. Her paintings capture the delicate order of each shop’s daily routine and organized displays of merchandise. The viewer is able to peek into the store through an open door or a window, but more prominently on view in most recent pieces is the whole of the shop’s outer presentation to its community. Services such as vending machines or mailboxes hang outside the walls of the shop, and potted flowers or beautiful blossoming trees adorn, and obscure, the storefront. Me Kyeoung’s “A Small Store” series was recently published as a book, complete with instructions for how readers can visit the featured stores still open for business.

You can see more of Lee Me Kyeoung’s work on herInstagram page @me_kyeoung_lee, where she frequently shares new work, and on herwebsite, where many old pieces are archived.