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Thursday, July 30th: Paper-Cutting With Crafterholic


Today is Thursday, July 30th

Hello everyone! Today we have a great resource to share created by Fern, a maker, craft vendor, and content writer by trade. She loves connecting people with new crafts and hobbies that can be done at home on her blog Crafterholic, and we love paper art of all kinds! Her articlePaper-Cutting Tutorials for Beginners gives a detailed walk-through on how to get started with the art of intricate paper-cutting, from Chinese styles, to Kirigami, to origamic architecture. “This craft certainly needs patience,” says Fern, “but the end results can look absolutely phenomenal”. Fern starts you off with basic techniques and easy beginner templates, then works you onto progressively more complex and original work. The best tips Fern has to share are to keep your blades sharp, remember “safety first,” practice practice practice, and to just get started! 

You can check out more of Fern’s craft tutorials on her blog,