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Twenty Three Things Anyone Who’s Slightly Obsessed With Stationery Has Secretly Done

For those of us who love journals and journaling, there's nothing like picking out a new book, cracking open the spine and looking down at the expansive vista of the blank, white page. Where to start? One of my tricks is to just start in the middle. The first page can be intimidating, but I'm eager to get at it, so a quick trip to the middle of the book and a journal entry or "pen test" eases the anxiety and pressure of the new Journal. So does creating a "this book belongs to" page. Not much to do there, but it makes the first mark in an otherwise blank book. Buzzfeed lists a few other quirks we've all been guilty of one time or another:

1. Practiced handwriting before making that first mark in a new notebook.
2. Torn an entire page out over a mistake.
3. Organized pens by color, type of pen, or some other miscellaneous factor.

Yup. We've all been guilty of a few of these. Me too, even though I could make another Journal. My favorite tip: Start in the middle. Read more at: