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Wednesday, July 8th: Jennifer Collier

Jennifer Collier

Today is Wednesday, July 8th

Hello everyone! Today we’re looking at the “paper and stitch” art of Jennifer Collier. Collier’s journey to her current work stitching old maps and book pages into common objects such as cameras, shoes, and teacups began with her work in textiles. The switch wasn’t easy, she says, but she has always loved books and worked to emulate “the qualities of paper in fabric”. Eventually, after a period of experimenting with paper while keeping up her work with fabric, she switched to paper full time. “People always think that the papers are incredibly fragile,” Collier says, “but actually by working the material for many years, you really do get to know what it will let you do and what it won’t”. What the paper allows Collier to do is create sculptures so realistic that many assume she is merely papering over the object she is depicting. Each piece is entirely hollow, each paper cut by hand and assembled with thread.

Collier’s favorite papers to work with are old maps, and other antique illustrations and writings. Many people ask her how she can bear to destroy such beautiful things. Collier sees her work less as destruction and more as giving new life to objects which would otherwise “go unused, unloved or be thrown away”. With this focus on heritage and preservation, even while altering and reimagining, most recently Collier has been “collecting rarely used, heritage stitches” and investing time in creative traditions she sees as important to pass on and preserve.

You can see more of Jennifer Collier’s work on her Instagram page, @paperjennifer, or on heronline shop. Collier shows parts of her process inthis video with R&A Collaborations.