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Tuesday, May 12th: We're Eating Our Veggies

Veggie Bowls For Dinner

Today is Tuesday, May 12th

Rag & Bone Bindery is open for business

(read our post from Wednesday, March 25th for more information about how we're able to remain open for business)


It's Tuesday, and we're in the shop binding lots of books. Like a lot of folks these days, we're trying to be more experimental in the kitchen. As a household of Vegans and Vegetarians, we LOVE our veggie bowls, or "Buddha Bowls" as they're called. We're finding inspiration in Allison Day's book "Whole Bowls". The winner last night was vegan wasabi mayo sauce - so good! Thanks Ilira for the wonderful dinner!

We're so happy to be able to continue to make books and to help you be creative at home. Please remain safe and take care of friends and family. Contact us anytime if you have questions about ordering or our books, use our contact page to send us a direct message, or call us at 401 728 0762. We're usually in the Bindery by 9:00 and leave around 4:00 (EST). Cheers! - Jason