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Thursday, July 16th: Fenfolio


Today is Thursday, July 16th

Hello, everyone! Today we’re looking at the “artist’s books” created by Dutch mixed-media artist, Fenneke Wolters-Sinke, who works in printmaking, digital processes, painting, drawing, papercutting, and 3D structures under the name “Fenfolio”. “Fenfolio” comes “Fen,” from the familiar shortening of the artist’s full name and “folio means ‘a sheet of any written or printed material’”. Fenfolio began her artistic career as a photographer, but enjoys experimenting with different media and now focuses much of her work on creating beautiful paper art, including her experimental “artist’s books”. Fenfolio’s artist's books are often clever interpretations of the natural world, her greatest inspiration. One of her “books” is a pair of binoculars made from cardboard with two circular accordion books featuring birds she’s seen in her garden cascading from the lenses. Another book with a hundred multi-sized sheets of blue tracing paper evokes ocean waves, or perhaps even crystalline or mineral formations. Where some of her books are meant to showcase each individual page, like her bird book, others, like her wave book, are meant to be taken in as a whole piece. She blends these two ways of perceiving her books in her “Surge Machine,” a box with a crank on the side, filled with photographic stills of the River Feugh. The "machine" is a flipbook, combining her skills in photography and her love for experimental bookbinding.

To see more of Fenfolio’s artist books and other works, you can visit her website,