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Monday, July 6th: Isolation Journal

Isolation Journals

Today is Monday, July 6th

Hello everyone! As some economies are beginning to reopen after shutting down for the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re looking at writer Suleika Jaouad’s “Isolation Journals” project, which may provide some comfort to those still isolating or readjusting to group gathering. Suleika’s project is simple, guided by the principle, “do one creative act each day”. Between April and July, her journaling collective is offering “a hundred days of journaling prompts from inspiring writers, artists, musicians, unsung heroes and community leaders”. Participants, making up almost 100,000 people from around the world, are emailed one prompt each day, and set aside the first 10-15 minutes of their days to complete it. “The goal of this is not to write the next King Lear or to churn out publishable masterpieces,” Suleika explains, “It’s an opportunity to pause, take a few moments to exhale and reflect, and to expand our creativity as a community during these extremely challenging times”.

Suleika does not consider herself an expert in many things, but isolation, she writes, is something she knows well. “While in treatment for leukemia,” Suleika writes “I spent a large part of my twenties confined to a bed. Unable to travel, eat out, see friends, take a walk. A life that many of us are experiencing right now”. For 100 days, to stay “grounded, hopeful, and connected” to her loved ones, Suleika and those close to her would do one small creative act each day. Through her “Isolation Journals” collective, Suleika is sharing the tried and tested strategies for coping with unprecedented isolation and turmoil she learned through her “Hundred Day Project”.

You can learn more about the projecthere and sign up for the last 5 prompts of the project, or visit Suleika’s Instagram page where all past prompts are available.