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Welcome To Our New Website!

Huzzah! Welcome to the new Rag & Bone Bindery website! We've been working for quite a while to get the site up and running and we're super happy with the results. In addition to a smoother checkout process, you'll also find more product photos, simpler personalization options and new product reviews! We're excited to get the site up and running before the busy holiday season. Look for additional features coming soon: buy more, save more; product videos; wedding registry; and more!

From the technical back-end, our new platform, Shopify, is SOOOO much more elegant and simple to use than our previous platform, which really was a dinosaur compared to the easy-to-use templates and admin pages Shopify offers. I know, I sound like a commercial, but no one is making me say nice things about Shopify, we're just very happy with the change. It's like we opened a new store or moved to a new house. Everything is so fresh and clean! The navigation is similar to the old site so you shouldn't have any issues getting around. We also relaunched our bookish blog (you're reading it!) to keep you up to date on Rag & Bone Bindery and stuff we're interested in other than books.

Shopify is feature-rich and we've scheduled additional shopping options which we'll activate during the holiday season as we get used to the new site.

Please leave a comment and tell us what you think! We can't wait to hear from you - and make new books for you too!

What's new:

• Product Reviews
• New Product Photos
• Simpler Checkout Process
• "Shop All Products" page
• Order Process Email Notifications
• Prettier Site