Grandma's Brag Book Mini Binder - Baby Garden

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Our Grandma's Brag Books are a great way to show off your precious photos to family and friends. Pick your favorite 4 x 6 photos and simply slide them in and share - it’s that easy!

Each Grandma's Brag Book contains twenty five photo-safe sleeves which will hold up to fifty 4 x 6 photos, or select fifty sleeves for one hundred photos.

Make It Personal: Does Grandma use a name other than Grandma? Nana? Mima? Abuela? We can change Grandma to any name you choose. Simply click "Change Grandma" and type in the name and we'll print the cover just for you.

Book Size: 5.25h x 8w x 1.75d
Sleeve Count: 25 sleeves / 50 photos
Sleeve Count: 50 sleeves / 100 photos (max)
Sleeve Size: Holds 4 x 6 photos

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