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Paper, Printing + Materials

The paper pages inside Rag & Bone books and albums contains 30% post consumer content and is sourced from a mill which is FSC Certified. Rag & Bone paper goods - from books to packaging to collateral materials - are printed by local FSC Certified printers. The covers of Rag & Bone Books and Albums (the book board) contain 100% recycled content with a minimum of 75% post consumer waste and the mill which provides our board is FSC Certified. The adhesives we use contain natural ingredients and are manufactured in a local facility within driving distance from the Bindery.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process takes place in our Rhode Island based bookbinding studio with no outside or overseas sourcing of finished goods or components. Rag & Bone trains local bookbinders to manufacture our unique books and albums from raw materials to finished goods.

Transportation Impact

From glue and board, to textiles and papers, the raw materials we use to bind our books are sourced either locally (preferred) or domestically. The impact on transportation is minimal when compared to overseas sourcing.

Post Consumer

Rag & Bone books and albums are archival and meant to last a lifetime and still be on the shelves of our customers for years to come. Off-cut fabric, paper and board left over from the bookbinding process are donated to Recycling for Rhode Island Education, a clearing house for teachers to gather materials from local manufacturers free of cost for use in their classrooms. Our environmental impact is important to us. and together we can make a difference.