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Step One: Sourcing Materials

Each and every book we create begins with the same basic materials: textiles and papers for decorative covers; board for the structure of the book cover itself; and pages for the interior. We source designer fabrics which we convert into bookbinding cloth. The decorative papers we utilize for a few of our cover options are either hand made or are printed designs. The board used for our covers is 100% recycled. We gather these items from several sources and trim them to size for our bookbinders to turn into book covers.

Step Two: Making The Covers

Our bookbinders adhere the decorative textiles and papers to book board to make the many size books we offer. They use traditional glue machines, small table top units, to adhere a thin layer of adhesive to the textiles. The textiles are followed by endsheets which finish off the decorative covers.

Step Three: Assembling The Books

Depending on the style of book, the various covers are first delivered to different binding stations in the studio. Albums are drilled and sewn by hand. Journals go through a few additional steps to make the pages, then the pages and covers are joined together. Side-sewn books such as our Twelve Ways series and Guestbooks are sewn by hand. Books and Albums are allowed to rest overnight before heading off to finishing & packaging.

Step Four: Finishing And Packaging

Prior to shipping, books are inspected to make sure covers are straight, there are no stray bits of adhesive and pages are clean and securely bound. Once inspected, each book is placed into a resealable clear bag, labeled with it's size and style and shipped to our customers nationwide and around the world.