Photo Binder (for 4 x 6 photos) Crosshatch

1 Available To Purchase

Rag & Bone Bindery Photo Binders are an easy way to store and protect important photographs and everyday snapshots. Binders are available in dozens of different cover options suitable for a new baby, wedding photos or special events. Each Binder contains 25 photo sleeves and will hold up to one hundred photos (4 x 6 standard size or smaller).


• Contains 25 sleeves

• Can hold 100 standard 4 x 6 photos

• Sleeves are PVC-free and acid-free

• Side loading for convenience

• Can comfortably accommodate two refill sets

• Handmade in our Rhode Island Bindery


Additional sleeves available here. Photo Binders can comfortably accommodate up to two additional sets.

Binder Size: 9.25h x 8.5w
Sleeve Count: 25 pages / 100 4 x 6 Photos
Sleeve Size: 8.5h x 6.75w


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