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I started purchasing your products for a way to keep/display my wedding photos and have continued through the birth of my two children. It is a beautiful way to display images of meaningful moments in my life.

If I am looking for a special keepsake journal/album, I want quality as well as a unique item which I know I will have in a Rag & Bone product

I appreciate that they are handmade, local, and lovely! I want albums and journals to hand down to the next generation, and these can do so.

Your albums, journals and baby books are beautiful. Yours are the only baby books I buy and have been gifting to my dearest friends for many years. Now I gift them "School Days" book for kindergarten starts.

I wanted simple, yet well-made albums to store the photos from my travels in. All the albums I'd thought about purchasing in stores were cheap looking and tacky. It's my intention to start a collection of photo albums using your products.

Because they are beautiful, and unique.

Quality of the product as well as variety of types of product and variety of fabrics.

It's important to me to support small businesses, and I like knowing that your albums and journals are crafted by hand. That personal touch is so fitting for personal keepsakes and memories. And of course, they are beautiful and the quality of the paper is so good. I love them! I chose your baby books, too, because they were the right size--so many others have way too many pages! The school books are perfect, too--easy and fun to fill out!

Because they offer same sex couple options

They are unique and beautiful.

Much nicer than mass marketed albums.

The stitching and cover fabrics are beautiful and varied

I love the quality and selection that they offer. Their products are unique and well thought out.

I love the quality and uniqueness of the products

They are real, made of real material and unique.

The quality is really good and I like that there are new fabric options every year. I buy one a year and I like the size consistency on my shelf.

Your paper is amazing and the fabrics on the covers are beautiful. The books are so wonderful and obviously made with love and care.

All the albums are made so beautifully and are really great quality. They make unique gifts and I know they will last.

Because they are beautiful, unique, and tell a story - and I am a sucker for a deckled edge!

Quality. Small business. Beautiful work.

Their unique look and quality

The albums we purchased are of the highest quality, made by highly skilled employees, and are beautiful to look at.

Beautiful unique products are high quality, and I see them lasting and becoming family heirlooms.

Good quality and good looking, good value

I love the archival quality and think they are timeless and classy. I bought our baby book from you. And props for the mom/mom, dad/dad, mom/dad, single, adopted options!

Not common, quality product at reasonable price.

More than anything, I love the paper you use in the journals. But I also love the colors and designs of the covers too. I am SO THRILLED you've chosen to bring back the large size journals, as those are my favorites. I am also a very conscious consumer, and I love supporting "the little guy" and buying handmade things by my fellow Americans.

Because they are beautiful and original and sweet

I like doing business with small businesses. The interactions are always more authentic and the merchandise is always unique and well made.

I like the quality they will hold up for decades... the whole point of albums. I like the variety of covers they look tasteful, modern.

I like supporting a business in the United States. And a friend of a friend works there.

Products are beautiful and unique.

They are beautiful, and have that something extra that you don't find when purchasing products from a big box store.

Because they are beautiful in every way:
the paper, stitching, and the people who make them.

I choose to purchase handmade albums and journals from Rag & Bone Bindery because they are beautifully crafted and unique.

Rag & Bone albums are beautiful and well made. I appreciate the craftsmanship and the lovely designs. I've given these as gifts and also have a personalized baby book for my son that I cherish.

I like the quality and fabrics

I read about the company in Yankee Magazine. I wanted to support a New England company and the products were better than I expected.

They are simply unique and excellent quality!

The quality it unmatched, the fabric colors & patterns are current & so inviting, & the paper is thick & rich. You can't beat handmade... they are the most special kind of gifts.

Lovely patterns and craftsmanship make them thoughtful gifts and homemade treasures

They are the most gorgeous albums I have ever seen. Jan has helped me tremendously thru the years to create the most amazing keepsakes for our two sons. She gives me the best advice, with the best sense of humor and lovely most positive outlook. I adore Jan and love returning to Rag & Bone every single time!

I like supporting small business. I also like knowing that they are quality items which are timeless and will last a lifetime.

I wanted something that was made with care and didn't sacrifice quality. I also like that each journal is unique because, like snowflakes, none can be made exactly as another.

As Ilira knows, the most favorite part of my house is my gorgeous display of dozens of Rag & Bone bindery photo albums above my fireplace mantle. I choose Rag & Bone because, after searching long and hard, it is the absolute #1 for quality and beauty.

I love how amazing the albums look and feel. You can just tell a lot of love went into making them! I have bought two so far and will continue to add to our collection as our children and family grows. One of my favorite things to do as a child was sit at my grandparents house and look through old pictures and I want that for my children.

They are unique and not the same generic styles like other companies. They are also very well made.

Because you make the most beautiful and unique albums

They are the best out there. When my grandson was born I looked for an album that was unique, was made with only the best materials and hand made, what more could you ask for.

I Like the style of albums. Beautifully made and durable.
Because they are so well-made and unique.

Because they are beautiful and unique. One of a kind! I wanted a baby book for my first born in 2009 and couldn't find it in stores. Not sure how I first stumbled on Rag & Bone, but I just bought my third baby book a month ago!

Because they are made by hand in America & as such completely unique

The simplicity and handcrafted nature of the products

I love Rag & Bone because of the quality materials and handcrafting.

Because they are beautiful and well crafted. I like the school age album because the pre-filled pages makes it easy to put together a lovely keepsake of the elementary school years.

They are beautifully crafted and it is always better to give a handmade gift than something store bought imported thing

I love the craftsmanship and the quality of your albums!

Because they are always so beautifully made! The quality is unmatched!

Because the quality is way better than one that is mass produced.

I love the quality and unique craft that makes up each book. Plus the owners are pretty cool!

Beauty and uniqueness. I like items that make a statement that are also timeless

I liked the look of them. The quality is great and the designs are unique

I love the quality. I purchased a baby album for a friend, and then one for myself when expecting our first baby.

High quality, handmade, archival books to capture memories.

I am a wedding photographer and my brides and I like your designs.

Beautiful, unique hand-made materials; locally produced;

I value beautiful handmade items, especially those that can be customized, given as gifts and/or passed on to another generation. Your company representatives are also great at customer service.

I love the 3-ring photo binder. It's a fun way to store and display photos, but I love the fabric choices!

The are unique and are a special gift.

They are beautifully made and I like supporting a small U.S. business

The books are handmade with attention to detail,
the quality of the paper is superb, and the cover designs are beautiful!


The albums are beautiful. I especially like the photo binders. I want to organize my photos, but I'm not into scrapbooking, so the binders make it easy.

The albums are original and nothing you would find in a store.

They are so unique! The designs are found nowhere else! The customer service has been personal and friendly!

Because I love the quality of your items. There is no substitute for a beautifully made product.

For the excellent quality, they are beautifully made and designed.

They are very finely made. I love the quality and specialness of the photo binders and the accordion books.

I choose Rag & Bone Bindery because their quality and personalization is unmatchable. Their products can be made to meet your lifestyle needs.

The designs are lovely and I the ability to customize the album was important to me.

I liked the handmade quality and the cover designs are beautiful.

They are beautiful and classy.

Quality and unique designs

Beautiful and unique products. Different than anything else!

They are so well made and perfect

Personalized, pretty, great content to fill out.

I am a memory keeper and I like quality things that will last a lifetime.

They are unique, beautiful and of excellent quality

We are two Moms and were only finding traditional baby books

Quality and beauty

Love the quality. Once I bought one I went back for more.

They are unique and beautifully made. The pages of the baby book are creative and fun to fill in.

Quality and appearance

For a beautiful baby book that my kids will love for years to come

I appreciate the quality and craftsmanship for special albums like our baby books and anniversary keepsakes.

They are amazing quality and beautiful paper. I have been buying the blank journals for YEARS

The quality of the journals is good.

They are so much more personal!

They are unique and different

Because they are superb quality and will last a lifetime. Quite necessary when I'm buying a book for a baby, or even a couple getting married!

They are beautiful, well made and nicely priced for the product.

Unique, handmade

Because in this age of cookie cutter "registries" Rag & Bone offers unique products that can't be found elsewhere.

The quality of the albums and journals is unmatched. I also love the unique fabrics (particularly the prints) offered. I also appreciate the customer service I get when I've contacted the company in the past, or even in person when they have their "seconds" sales.

I love the quality and look of your books and albums. Great print choices. I feel I bought something unique.

The albums and journals are made from wonderful materials / fabrics. I like having a beautiful album on display, it encourages people to pick it up and look through. Rag & Bone Bindery products look and feel luxurious and are well constructed. I also like supporting a small and local company.

They are beautiful and the quality is great

Because they're high quality, upscale and the designs are nice

They are very high quality and beautiful items that never lose their appeal.

The quality of the Albums is excellent, and I really love the different fabric covers. I use the albums and photo binders for special trips, and can generally find a cover that reflects the trip destination or theme. Additionally, I like to support small local and regional companies and craftspeople who make unique products.

The quality and options.

Quality is great. I like handmade books!

Unique. Beautifully crafted. One of a kind.

I really love the look and feel of your products. It was a big decision to go with you guys for both my children's baby books (since we took them straight to the hospital to have their footprints placed in them moments after delivery). I was so impressed after the first book that I started suggesting them to other friends. I've now moved from baby books to school year books... and looking to incorporate the anniversary book into our collection. As for quality, my husband has one of your accordion keepsakes (he carries it while he travels for work). He's had it now for several years and it's still intact!


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